CoDA BókinCoDA Bókin

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CoDA bókin er seld á flestum CoDA fundum og er grundvallarrit samtakanna. Bókin fjallar um meðvirkni og bata frá meðvirkni, þjónustu, spurningar og svör.

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Co-Dependents AnonymousCo-Dependents Anonymous

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Co-Dependents Anonymous is a worldwide Fellowship of men and women who come together to solve their common and individual problems of codependence. The need for such a program as CoDA was so great that in the first six years of CoDA’s existence the program grew to more than 4’000 meetings worldwide, with a membership of approximately 100’000.

In the infancy of Co-Dependents Anonymous, the Board of Trustees turned to the founders to draft the first version of a book to reflect the experience, strength, and hope of the Fellowship. This version began the process leading to the book you’re reading today. This book, Co-Dependents Anonymous, is the culmination of many years of work involving members of several Boards of Trustees and others in the Fellowship. This work is not a product of any one time or place. It is an ongoing evolutionary process, produced by countless meetings of group conscience.

We offer this book, not only as a practical guide, but as a symbol of our own collective journey. It represents a cross section of our experiences, both joyous and painful, and it stands as a beacon to the codependent who still suffers. There is hope for changed relationships with a Higher Power, ourselves, and others. We can move out our our current, perhaps lifelong pain and into a new way of living.
We now invite all who suffer from codependence to read our book in the hope that each of you may find what many of us have found – the hope and freedom of recovery.

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In this Moment BookThe Daily Meditation Book

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Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditons Workbook

The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook

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